2013 11.25 Hmong Tuesday

2013 11.25 Hmong Tuesday Sarah: numbers 1-10 to a musical beat Jordan: universal language generator- build sentences grammatically accurate Travis: A simple presentation- to memorize Resources: Universal Language Generator  

2013 11.19 Hmong Tuesday

Video 2: 2013 11.19 Sarah: Mirror Writing, Pronunciation of “H’s”, Introduce Hmong goal worksheet game Travis: “Good News, Bad News”-create phrases Jordan: Revelation 21:4 acting out the scripture and definitions Resources: Sticker sheet, Hmoob Daim Hom Phiaj, Thailand version  

2013 11.12 Hmong Tuesday

This is an experimental post to see if the response is positive. Please feel free to test it out, and make reply to help us improve, or remove this feature to this website. 🙂 Video 1:  2013 11/5 Travis- Flash cards, and drawing of vocabulary words to build memory Sarah- Chaos reading to practice speaking and grammar, also poetry for making small … Read More

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Word List

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Word List

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist by the Center for Applied Linguistics This book is quite useful for learning basic useful conversation. It was originally intended to help Hmong speaking people learn to speak English, but is equally useful backwards as well. Be forewarned, some of the grammar is not perfect and much of the translation is loose. It is also EXCEPTIONALLY … Read More

White Hmong Dialogues

Download PDF: “White Hmong Dialogues”  This is a fantastic beginner’s introduction to basic Hmong phrases. It also includes extensive audio to make up complete lessons. Thanks to the Olivehurst Hmong Group for contributing the PDF as well as the audio files. Audio Files Download Audio: Lesson 01 White Hmong Dialogues 1986 Download Audio: Lesson 02 White Hmong Dialogues 1986 Download Audio: Lesson … Read More