Hmong High Frequency Words Memrise Course

Hmong woman feeding chicken

Hmong High Frequency Words To make this course I used a computer generated list of high frequency words that were taken from Bible-based publications. So you may notice some Bible-based terminology mixed in there. However they most certainly contain many words that will be useful in any kind of conversation. More importantly, they are arranged by word frequency. This means … Read More

ntxh – Hmong Reading Practice

The following is Hmong reading practice based on the letter ntxh. You can print out the page used in the above video by clicking the image to the left. Print it out, practice writing the letters, writing what you hear, or whatever suits your needs. Try to guess how to pronounce the words and then test yourself by listening to ... Read More

Hmoob Thoob Teb Alphabet

Explanation: This is a series of videos that include pictures and audio of the Hmong alphabet. It was designed primarily to train native speakers how to read, but it could also be used to help nonnatives too.  The Tones: The Vowels: Single Consonants: Double Consonants: 3 and 4 Consonants: