Memory Enhancement

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Thought this was worth illustrating and sharing… This has been my experience in trying to learn language. The memory seems to work less like a box that things get pushed out of and more like a tree that, as you add more memories, more places to store memories are available. Some of the best methods for learning new vocabulary have¬†to … Read More

Vocabulary Sheet

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Kitchen Utensils Here is a downloadable PDF of various kitchen related objects. Just click on the image above. You may notice that the Hmong words are NOT provided! This is because this is a learning activity. Use it to find both the equivalent words as well as adding your own words. Ask a native (in Hmong!) or use a Dictionary¬†(You … Read More

White Hmong Language Lessons

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White Hmong Language Lessons by Doris Whitelok

Download PDF: White Hmong Language Lessons By Doris Whitelok. An excellent Language learning book with lessons that teach reading, pronunciation, grammar, and useful phrases. Thanks to the Olivehurst, CA Hmong Group, we also have the audio files. Audio Files WHLL Lesson 01 WHLL Lesson 02 WHLL Lesson 03 WHLL Lesson 04 WHLL Lesson 05 WHLL Lesson 06 WHLL Lesson 07 … Read More